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Carpet Cleaning Banbury Oxford and Rug Cleaning Oxford

Are your carpets looking dirty, tired and flat?

Well help is not far away! At Spot The Difference we can use one of three methods:

  • Hot water, deep cleaning extraction method of carpet cleaning, which is one of the most common and widely used.
  • Low moisture cleaning. For carpets that cannot be (or you don't want to be) wet cleaned.
  • The encapsulation process. We can offer the soft rotary brush and bonnet buff methods.

We use only carpet cleaning chemicals that we believe are the best on the market today. These chemicals may cost a little more but we think that they definitely achieve better results than some other products!

Carpet Cleaners Banbury - Carpet Cleaning Survey

Before we clean your carpets it may be necessary to carryout a survey and may include the following:

carpet cleaning banbury
  • We would inspect the carpets to be cleaned.
    • Looking at the soiling of the carpet and deciding how bad it is. Looking to see what stains may be present, how it currently smells and the overall general condition of the carpets.
    • The seams may need to be checked to ensure that they are intact and are not going to break-up when cleaning begins.
    • The type of backing which may be in place and inspect the general state of the fixings to check that the carpets are secured sufficiently for cleaning.
  • Dye test. With some carpets and definitely with rugs it will be necessary to carryout a colourfast test to ensure that the colours are not going to run or bleed together once cleaning begins. This can be balanced and compensated with the use of different types of chemicals. The result of the dye test will determine which chemicals can be safely used. If however we feel it would be safer to dry clean your item then we will recommend this option to you.
  • Fibre testing. Once again depending on the fibre of the carpet will determine which chemicals can be safely used. If the incorrect chemicals are used then hardening of the carpet fibre can occur. Basically we will need to determine if it has any wool content or not - if so then we will use a "wool safe" chemical. If not then we can use our "normal" range of chemicals.
  • Quotation and further treatments. We will compile a quotation for the client and inform the customer of any further treatments which they may want to include such as Scotchgard Treatment to help protect your carpets for longer.

carpet cleaners banburyhome carpet cleaning oxford

Once you have agreed for us to clean your carpets we then aim to clean your carpets to the highest standard possible by carrying out the following:

  • Pick up loose debris. Removing larger objects from the area to be cleaned.
  • Rake pile or power agitate. Using a carpet rake or powerful agitator it may be necessary to brush the pile prior to vacuuming to release any loose dirt underneath.
  • Vacuum. This will remove surface dirt and grime from the pile before cleaning begins.
  • Pre-spray carpets. Using a traffic lane cleaner we will spray the whole area to be cleaned which eats into the dirt and grime before cleaning begins.
  • Cleaning can now begin:
    • With Hot Water Extraction a further shampoo is used in the clean water tank along with a deodorisation solution to ensure that your carpets are left smelling fresh and looking clean!
    • With low moisture cleaning a moist cleaning agent is worked into the pile with an agitation machine then once dry is thoroughly vacuumed.
    • With the encapsulation method a crystallising shampoo is worked into the carpet with a rotary machine and is left to dry. As the chemicals dry, they crystallise and encapsulate the dirt and once dry the carpet is vacuumed thoroughly.
  • Hand cleaning. Using a hand tool to clean inaccessible areas and staircases.

On completion we will ensure that the customer is completely and utterly satisfied. We will, depending on level of service choosen:

  • Ensure that the pile looks good by grooming (where possible / necessary).
  • Add further deodorisation chemical by means of spraying directly onto the carpets.
  • Replace your furniture. We will ensure that your furniture is replaced as we found it and place protector pads underneath metal or other legs of furniture, which we feel may produce a stain later on. If protector pads are not placed under furniture with metal legs then this could result with a permanent rust stain! Please be aware of this even of you do not employ Spot The Difference to clean your carpets and rugs!

Carpet protection Oxford

To help preserve carpets a top quality, odourless fluorocarbon carpet protector, which coats and protects fibres against water and oil spillages can be applied. This exclusive formula contains stain blocker additive for re-treatment of stain resistant nylon carpets and also helps to protect against static electricity. This protection is only effective if spillages are cleaned up almost immediately. Depending on the amount of traffic on the carpets the protection will need to be re-applied after 12-24 months or after cleaning, whichever comes first. The protection will make cleaning easier.

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